[Slowhand] 461 Ocean Blvd

Justin Stygles letitloose77 at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 2 12:34:52 EST 2008

Good Afternoon...

I have a question or maybe just an outloud thought.

In recently listening to 461 Ocean Blvd, as great an album as it is, I couldnt help but wonder why "PLease be with me" was not selected as a single. Instead, of slower songs, "Let it Grow" made it. Why?

Since I left the CD in my car CD player, as the song played however many times the CD started over, "Plase Be With me" is a song that could easily be considered as good as Wonderful Tonight? But I feel the same way about Holy Mother as well.

That just an opinion. Could'nt help but wonder outloud....

Best to you all!

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