[Slowhand] Crossroads 2007 PBS Broadcast

sam mangano mangs88 at verizon.net
Sat Mar 29 16:40:23 EDT 2008

Did anyone Tivo the PBS Great Performances broadcast of the 2007 Crossroads festival and can possibly burn it to a dvd? The reason I ask, is that I finally got around to seeing the official dvd, and from what i can see, it differs in one major respect (at least as far as I am concerned) to the version shown on PBS - the 6 second footage of Ron Ciul and I with our EC/Buddy Guy heads on a stick as EC is walking out onto the stage for his headlining set is not included on the official DVD!

Why PBS would have the footage in their version and it not be on the official DVD is a mystery to me? Usually, PBS does an editied version of shows from the official DVD footage, but in this case, it seems like the opposite is true - PBS had our footage and the DVD doesn't? Or maybe our footage exists somewhere else on the official dvd (extras features?) and I didn't see it?

Let me know if someone can help me out getting a copy, as I have an older Tivo unit that does not have a USB port that would allow me to burn a dvd...thanks!


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