[Slowhand] Humble reguards for excess postings, Fergie photo link.

Bill P redcardinal0 at gmail.com
Sun May 4 11:16:13 EDT 2008

You what's interesting about Fergie is there are tons of chicks out
there that look like her, but are grossly overweight. What's a guy
to do. Tell a woman how to lose weight, NO WAY!!

Fergie isn't grossly overweight, but all she needs to a few more
tightening exercises and she can be so HOT... Course, probably what
it is - she recently got engaged to one of the guys on the Las Vegas
Show. It's he's feeding her and she's no focusing on working out.
So, it's like slowly coming on. No doubt, if that guys smart he
won't say a thing.

Wonder how long that marriage is going to last ? Do they go to church.
You know a house that prays together, stays together.

Lets hope she's wearing something sharp in Memphis tonight. In terms
of me, hell I'll wear what I have on. I'm a guy. Course, it'll be
my luck if the whole thing is sold out and there aren't any tickets
available and I know, Memphis policy, they always under estimate
crowds. Hence there going to lose out big time revenue wise.

Fergie pictures. http://www.filmmagic.com/ItemListing.aspx?cgl=316454&evntI=0

I'd like to see her in something black and SEXY. Wonder if Sheryl
Crow can look as hot as she can ? Wonder if she's done anything with
her hair ? That's Ruth Clapton has a hot look about her, I'll bet she
could give her some pointers or if she's wise she'd look up those
photo's on that website.

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