[Slowhand] I am not Bill Mann

animalman iampigpen at comcast.net
Sun Jun 1 14:19:33 EDT 2008

All SD'ers

Short review on the Indiana show. I agree with Almighty Geetarz that
Eric's playing was excellent. But a "Thanks for sitting through the
weather", "God bless" or a "Thanks and be safe out there on the way
home" would been more appreciated. Damn, after reading a review on
"Where's Eric" the lady wrote that Eric and the band left immediately in
SUV's. I wonder if it were the same ones that half blinded me while I
stumbled through the driving rain and lightning bolts striking all
around trying to find the car in the unlit parking lot? 20th time in
seeing Eric. A very memorable one to say the least. Most impressive to
me that night was the crowd. Everytime a lightning bolt came down the
crowd cheered. Reminded me of going to a UT football game. Toward the
end the folks in the lawn were going crazy getting into the music.
Friend of mine from Indy told me he couldn't believe people stayed
during all that lightning. Eric had somewhat of a responsibility in
shutting down the show in order for people to be safe. Didn't think
Robert Randolph show have come on, thought that Verizon had some
responsibility in informing the crowd of the danger that was looming and
the $$$$$$ for the beer was ridiculous

As for another matter...... Very good to see the Almighty Geetarz
although to my regrets not very long. And for the record....

I AM NOT BILL MANN! I'm from East Tennessee not West TN. I don't even
consider people out in the western part Tennesseans by god. And drunk or
sober I couldn't write like that crazy sumbitch. HAHAHAHA

This is Animalman over and out.

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