[Slowhand] UK Calling

JP Donohoe finglas at finglas.karoo.co.uk
Fri Jul 25 11:09:30 EDT 2008

Hello from the unbelievably sunny shores of old Blighty!

My celtic skin is suffering badly! Anyway shouldn't complain we don't see
the sun that much.

Eric has been busy in and out of the studio I really love the stuff he does
with Sonny Landreth and on Dirty City with SW

His contribution to Buddy Guy's album is also hot. It's a great album too.

The Solomon Burke stuff is pleasant enough but has no bite and the Dave
Sanborn track is really only a vocal.

Anyone know of anything else he has done recently?

BTW some of the stuff on his recent tour is fantastic.

All we need now is the DVD of the EC/SW shows and what a year it will have


Check out EC and Sheryl Crow doing Higher Ground, I love it!


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