[Slowhand] Joe Bonamassa

Jim Jackson JHawk at twcny.rr.com
Tue Jul 29 19:44:51 EDT 2008

David Strahl <candyear at earthlink.net> asked about Joe Bonamassa and
Danny Gatton.

Joe Bonamassa was born may 1977, making him 13 in 1990. He has
talked a lot about
learning guitar from Danny Gatton in interviews and print. He was
discovered by BB King
when he was 12 and then toured with BB. So if you saw Danny around
1990, I bet it was Joe.

It is funny that you say he was on fire, because he used to be known
as Smokin Joe.
His studio albums are great but he really kicks it up a notch "LIVE"

He is releasing a new live album on Aug 19 called "Live from Nowhere
in Particular!".

The following link will allow you to check out the new CD and if you
order through this link
you will get free shipping and handling. The album is due for
release on Aug 19, so any orders
prior to that are pre-release orders, which are great for Joe.


Hope this helps,

Jim Jackson

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