[Slowhand] Question RE: EC/Winwood Madison Square Garden NYC DVD

John Walasko jwalasko at telus.net
Sun Dec 14 19:55:56 EST 2008

Hi Slowhanders,

It's mid-December and I haven't seen any mention of a DVD or live
album release from the Clapton/Winwood Madison Square Garden concerts.

It seems strange to completely for Clapton's record label to miss out
on the holiday retail season. Has the whole project been postponed, or
perhaps cancelled?

Anyone have an update?


Vancouver BC

PS: there is no mention of the EC/Winwood DVD on www.ericclapton.com.
However, Mr. Clapton is selling a collectible limited edition Slowhand
expresso and cappuccino set! A perfect gift for the holidays...

I therefore promise to purchase the expresso set if they throw in the
EC/Winwood DVD as part of the deal :)

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