[Slowhand] E/SW at MSG

Mel Boss darmel at sbcglobal.net
Mon Dec 15 14:58:39 EST 2008

I've been wondering the same and have posed the question twice, and what I've learned, thanks to Scott is that the project was delayed and that it is still viable and that a release is likely. "When" would be a guess. I'll believe it when the discs are in my grubby hands. And I hope that the end result was worth the wait...Mel

>Hi Slowhanders,

>It's mid-December and I haven't seen any mention of a DVD or live 

>album release from the Clapton/Winwood Madison Square Garden concerts.

>It seems strange to completely for Clapton's record label to miss out 

>on the holiday retail season. Has the whole project been postponed, or 

>perhaps cancelled?

>Anyone have an update?



>Vancouver BC

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