[StBernard] crime

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Tue Jan 24 07:44:35 EST 2006

I can't answer any of the official questions you have posed, but I am a big
one for listening to the inner voice. There might be a good reason in your
case for feeling the way you do.



Maybe Craig or Westley or someone with the police department can
answer me.
I'm trying to find out how safe it is in the parish. My brother is a

contractor working down there and he said he and most of the other
contractors he knows have started to carry guns for protection. He
working in deserted neighborhoods is dangerous, walking up on people

in houses and thugs confronting the mexicans that are gutting,
jumping them
and stealing their money because the thugs know they carry cash on
them and

are not likely to report anything. This has happened to some of his

He said don't go alone and carry a gun if you do go. Is this right??
concern is for my daughter that misses home and likes to go visit.
She wants

to go look at her old house and the homes of her friends and just be
in the
parish. She goes with her boyfriend, they are 17 and 18 years old. I
want her to go. Is it safe for her to be there? My brother's house
has been

looted 3 times and mine twice so far. We both have 2 story houses
but I
think they are looting 1 story houses also. When I go, I never see
security or police. My mother in law has had her red cross starter
stolen from her FEMA trailer. Can anyone tell me about the safely of
parish for my daughter and myself? She and I have been there several
and I got a strange and erie feeling. It was just my immagination,
just so
silent, but maybe I should listen to my inner voice. Is it safe?


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