[StBernard] thoughts about INCOME TAXES from St. Bernard Parish

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Tue Jan 24 07:46:35 EST 2006

Let me suggest one thing many can do to help themselves with federal income
tax relief to try and get some funds in their pockets instead of the federal
government's. If your home received substantial damage and you did not have
flood insurance or not enough, then you will likely have a significant tax
write off against the value you lost in your home. IEvery day I am
astounded to continue learning how many people did not have flood insurance.
Contact a CPA who is up on all the latest tax breaks Congress has passed for
Katrina victims.

If you calculate a loss by the IRS formula, then the IRS requires your
propery to be appraised for a Pre-Katrina and Post-Katrina value by a
certified-licensed Louisiana appraiser. I have done countless appraisals
for this specific purpose throughout St. Bernard Parish, Lakeview, Old
Metairie and Slidell. I also have had two phone conversations with the IRS
of over an hour to learn exactly what it is they are looking for in an
appraisal for property loss due to a disaster. Five minutes of converstion
with a CPA can help you determine if you have a loss and if it will be worth
it for you to spend the money for an appraisal. Unlike some other
appraisers I have encountered trying to capitalize on the same subject and
trying to talk people into getting an appraisal before they know if they
need it or not, I do not want to see anyone hire my services until they know
for certain it will benefit them.

So with April 15th approaching, don't put off talking with a CPA if you did
not have flood insurance. You can amend your previous years taxes, going
back a few years, and claim loss in future years to recoup as much loss as
possible. It's better in your pocket than the federal governments.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to contact me at the numbers or email
address below.

John Scurich
La. Certified Appraiser R1271
985-882-9421 / 504-722-6662
email: scurich at bellsouth.net

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> ...I wish we could get someone to play footage of the water...and the boat

> rescues...and footage of St. Bernard Parish looking

> as if a bomb has gone off in every neighborhood....footage of lines of

> people trying to get trailers, food, and

> supplies...people...still...fighting for insurance money...Money that is

> rightfully ours but we will probably have to go to court just to settle


> policies.....would they get

> it then...again the invitation stands...come and see for


> maybe they will get it! JUST ABOUT 5months...67,000 residents....only


> trailers in our town of ST. BERNARD...


> ..Just WHO out there doesnt understand what we are saying...and the best

> point is this...less than 3 months away..April 15th..


> .The GOVERNMENT will be expecting our TAXES to be paid..... do you think

> they would wait 5 months of excuses for their money.......


> concerned citizen



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