Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Tue Jan 24 07:48:55 EST 2006

If Waste Management is picking them up, I'll make darn sure that it's
packed to the hilt with small debris. We wouldn't want them to go back
"empty-handed" as well as with their traditionally tagged "empty-headed" as
I've thought of them for many years. At least once a week, someone's
"forgotten" to lift the garbage can from the curb from the company and I was
so peaved that I had to call once a week to complain that they forgot my
garbage OR the neighborhood's as well. We shouldn't have had to call the
company and threaten them so frequently--since I was told they were getting
paid to take my garbage twice a week and not my responsibility to bring it
to a dump. Why must even picking up garbage on their regular rounds be
"rocket-science"? If one of these who fail with regularity, is getting paid
more than 75Cents and hour, he's grossly overpaid..<G>.


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We put out a Waste Management can by the curb on Friday since garbage
pick up was suppose to be starting soon. One of our neighbors had one in
front of their house, also. The cans were not even close to any debris.
While at our house today, we noticed that the cans are now missing. Can you
find out if Waste Management picked them up, if the clean up crew removed
them (even though no debris has been picked up in our block of Charles Drive
in about 3 weeks), or are the thieves are getting so desperate to steal
something that they will settle for anything...even a garbage can ?


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