[StBernard] Politicians

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Tue Jan 24 07:51:21 EST 2006

"Wesley, If you are going to have a forum for people to speak their mind it
should be open to everything unless it gets nasty or vulgar and I don't see
that yet. I know you never put a couple of my e-mails up because I asked
and named a few politicians for answers concerning some things.

Seems like you are protecting them. I think people just want to know things
about the politicians. Its as simple as that. We just want to know that
the leadership is on the straight and narrow. We know the history of St.
Bernard politics and La. politics for that matter and I think the time has
come for that under the table or behind closed doors stuff to stop. We want
to know and hold them accountable. Of course the people who are receiving
favors won't want it brought out into the public. Money and power can be an
evil thing if in the wrong hands.
Temptation is a hard thing to resist especially when it comes so easily and
so much is flowing right past us. I say print it all. If thats what the
people want to talk about. Like the song says "Let them talk if they want
Thanks, Craig Klein http://craigklein.neworleansnightcrawlers.com.

....Whoa!. That takes a lot off my mind. I thought I was a loner noticing a
degree of censorship. Of course, we all know it's Westley's board, but if
Westley wishes "to throw out the baby with the BW...", then, it isn't really
in the best interest of the community mainly because dialog tends to become
one-sided and that creates skepticism among the contributors and readers.

Any politician and leader will tell you that "rolling with the punches" is
part of the nature of the game. We hold anyone on the platform accountable
for their actions, whether it's good or bad. I see no one in utter abuse of
the board, but discussions must happen as there are a lot of disturbed
people and harnessing their thoughts are as inappropriate as "protecting" as
you call it. No one's protecting me (nor should they, as I'm accountable for
what I think and do in life as is everyone else here). Constructive
criticism is the best fix for what plagues the conscience, as no criticism
makes one think that ALL is OK, and at the moment they are not. Everyone
here, including myself, needs daily improvement as perfection does not exist
in the real world. Since Craig is monitoring our thoughts and actions, he
needs to have a break-in period since he'll be the next parish president,
when JR passes on...

Yes, we will hear dissent. Perhaps disgust at times whenever cornered with
nothing happening or the wrong solutions we encounter by local, state or
federal entities. Men and women in governments need to stand on their own
feet and not depend upon "go-betweens" to step in for protection. Everyone
here are men and women whose lives are on the line.

Many do not believe prima donnas are needed in the hard times facing our
future, as our lives have been made even stronger in character, molded by
disaster and tempered by blood-sweat-and tears. So direct communication
about where we feel we stand and what our needs curtail is a positive step
in a direction we hope is forward.

So, I say.."Let them talk if they want to" (and behave with civility as
they, for the most part have done so).


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