[StBernard] Baton Rouge Business Report Endorses Mike Strain

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Wed Oct 10 21:58:01 EDT 2007

Great news!

The Baton Rouge Business Report has officially ENDORSED Mike Strain for
Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry! I have included the article below.

Please also remember that Early Voting continues across the state from 8:30
AM to 4:30 PM through Saturday, October 13th. All you need is a photo ID -
no special reason or form. Click here <> to look up the
early voting location nearest you right now.

Thank you,

Brandon Vidrine
Campaign Manager
Mike Strain 2007

Baton Rouge Business Report: Mike Strain for Commissioner of Ag & Forestry
By Rolfe McCollister


I think Bob Odom should have been gone long ago as the head of this office.
Let's hope
voters will make that change this time. Odom's challengers include Strain, a
representative who is a veterinarian and cattle rancher, and Councilman
Wayne Carter, a
businessman. I met with both and heard about their backgrounds and reasons
for running.
Since Carter is a Metro Council member, I have far more knowledge of his
that is not to his advantage. His actions and politics on the council have
been distasteful. I
can't ignore that when we are trying to get rid of Odom and his politics of
old. Strain has
been chairman of the rural caucus in the Legislature for two terms.
Interestingly, while
Strain and Carter are both Republicans (Carter switched parties this year),
Jim McCrery and Charles Boustany, as well as Sen. David Vitter, have all
Strain. Strain is also supported by the NRA and the Associated Builders &
Strain will get my vote.

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